Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VF! IVth

After a long day of work, i brought my camera back into Valleyfair! to snap some shots. i ran into James W. on his way out from his first day since last year, and chatted with him while he walked. Preceding further into the park, i saw that the shots i wanted were less than likely to turn out with the lighting, and decided that i would wait until another day, during the day. Jeff L. stopped me, commenting my "nice camera" and asking if i "had gotten any nice shots". i made some remarks about camera jargon that went over his head before i walking to other areas of the park, snapping photos here and there. Scott H. ran into me as i was going at a shot of the ferris wheel and Power Tower, telling me that i was not allowed to take photography of the rides without permission from VF!. i ignored him as i took a few more frames, and then gave him crap right back. He had told me earlier before that there had been, in the least, nine fights - something to be expected on the forth of July. He had commented to me more quietly that "things were going to get ugly," and that if i saw a fight - to get down.

"guns?" i asked. He responded saying that he was unable to say anything in the matter.

i wished him well, patted him on the back, and went back to what i had been doing. Tanner was at 550, he asked me to talk with Bryan K., and ask him if he could close 550. The game would not be closed, and he only had around ten minutes left on his shift. i came around to the Outer Games area, going into 554 while Kyle E. was talking with Tiffani B. at Scales.

I figured i would say goodnight to everyone at Gunball outer, so i stopped by and chatted for a few minutes. One of the LP (Loss Prevention) guys jumped over the counter next to me frantically, asking where the phone was. It was evident that he was in a great deal of a hurry, and i figured he had seen a theft or something of that nature. He dialed the phone and grabbed his scanner, bring it to his face along with the phone.
It become evident what was happening when i looked over to my left, there was a large group of black people running around, and maybe five or more in a brawl, going back and forth, back and forth. i couldn't pick anyone out, it was just a mess of bodies going about. Screams rang out, the group dispersed.

"STUPID NIGGERS, STUPID NIGGERS! BUNCH OF NIGGERS!" a kid yelled, himself being coloured. Another boy looked away from the group, obviously pleased by what was happening, and expressed glee with his comments. Curses came from others, and running about. The group was again in form, down by Scales. The mass went on the scale, past the scale, further into the game towards 554 and the fence between. Tiffani and Kyle where now in this mess. i looked over to my right, seeing the LP guy that had made the phone call, looking on as a was, wanting to help but knowing there was nothing we could do. Screams, more and more rang out from the crowd. the brawl went back and forth, perhaps against the fence, and slowed. i approached Kyle and Tiffani, asking them if they were alright, knowing there was nothing i could do for the people involved, but maybe i could assist my co-workers. The both said they where alright, and i knew they were less than likely to have been harmed, but i thought it necessary to ask. Looking over towards where all bee-hive of activity had been, under the fence was a body. It lay there, motionless. Blood dressed the clothing, splattered thickly. i quickly turned

"Oh G-D, Oh G-D, Oh G-D" was the only thing i could think to say. i was absolutely shocked and what my eyes had just seen. There was a lot of blood. i really didn't want to see that.
Looking back from the beating, one could see people for a distance away, stopped, looking in stupor.
Later i found that Kyle had tried to pull one of they guys involved off another guy. Kyle's shirt was also splattered with blood. Tiffani had been hit.
i don't know what to think of this ordeal, this was one of three fights at the same time. Security was already searching for several suspects. Sirens could be heard, two ambulances came, and more police.
Three gangs were in the park? *sigh* There had already been one gang fight earlier too...