Friday, June 26, 2009

( My first street shots. i've been wanting to do street photography for some time now, but just haven't had the opportunity.

This was at a Twins game. i put the camera on my knee with setting appropriate for the light and tried snapping some shots when there was enough noise to cover the shutter's noise. Auto focus did me no good, so i focused the lens on a mans hat in front of me that seemed to be the same distance away - and it was the EXACT distance this lass was from me.)

(RYM, Wyoming, MN)

work was terribly boring today. That bugs me a great deal, because my job has not changed at all - only my perception of my work. i struggle to feel that i accomplish enough during a day. This is really out of my hands, as i cannot control whether a given task takes ten minutes or three hours. It seems that some days everything i touch breaks, tools are missing, and parts are out of stock (i clean and repair popcorn machines). This has some effect on how i perceive my ability to do my work in a adequate manner. From that, i also evaluate how much i enjoy what i do. i feel that my ability to enjoy my work is essential. If i enjoy my work, it is a act of worship - when i enjoy what i am doing, i do better, and my interest in what i do is not from myself but a blessing from God Himself. i have had some wonderful days of work, where i am overwhelmed with joy. Granted, it's not solely the work that i enjoy, but everything that accompanies it. i find that when i reflect on theology and the aspects of God, and enjoy the beauties around me, things go very well - time passes faster, my actual work goes faster, and i am in a state of worship (that is, i am glorifying God with what He has given me, i am overwhelmed with His beauties). i need to change my attitude about my work, i am so fortunate that i have the job that i do.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[New Years Eve, James Wagner]

[Shooting at the Mallory's,
Erin M., Kelli F., & Julie L.

there are some things i really need to get rolling here. i need to read more, i need to apply for school (again, let's hope the second round will be the real deal), and i need more work. i love my current job, in fact, i find my self overwhelmed with joy when i work some days. This is usually the case when i have theology on my mind, and the music in the room is just right, and God's beauty just blows my mind and i find myself beyond content.

i have been hesitant to get another job for a few reasons. i don't want another job like what all my past jobs have been like - i don't enjoy dealing with the general public, though you do run into a few people that are real jems and help you really appreciate what you do. No more sales for me, if i can at all avoid it. i can do the work very well, i can sell product, i can have the client walk away with a smile, but dealing with all the questions of people who are less than observant wears away at my mind.

So, that narrows my choice a bit... i'm also thinking i would really like to go to Sonshine this year, along with visiting my cousin up in Blackduck, so i need something flexible. i'm thinking i would be willing to give up doing Sonshine...

Photography was a thought, i did my first commission three weeks ago, and it was a wedding to top it.... a little backward on the scare of difficulty.

We'll see, something will show itself.

Along with this, i'm wondering about school - if i get in, do i go right away this fall semester, or do i wait until winter? Or should i wait a year all together? Then there is the conflict of wanting to get on with life and not waiting. i should be enjoying this process, not hurrying through it, trying to get to the next point of interest.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i'm going to take a shot at getting my blogging back up on a more regular basis, so a few photos a week, some thoughts and happenings...

[i went to Illinois with my Cousin, Melissa, for her oldest sisters wedding.
Plenty of photography ensued.
This is on the way to, along I-90 in Wisconsin. ]