Friday, June 26, 2009

(RYM, Wyoming, MN)

work was terribly boring today. That bugs me a great deal, because my job has not changed at all - only my perception of my work. i struggle to feel that i accomplish enough during a day. This is really out of my hands, as i cannot control whether a given task takes ten minutes or three hours. It seems that some days everything i touch breaks, tools are missing, and parts are out of stock (i clean and repair popcorn machines). This has some effect on how i perceive my ability to do my work in a adequate manner. From that, i also evaluate how much i enjoy what i do. i feel that my ability to enjoy my work is essential. If i enjoy my work, it is a act of worship - when i enjoy what i am doing, i do better, and my interest in what i do is not from myself but a blessing from God Himself. i have had some wonderful days of work, where i am overwhelmed with joy. Granted, it's not solely the work that i enjoy, but everything that accompanies it. i find that when i reflect on theology and the aspects of God, and enjoy the beauties around me, things go very well - time passes faster, my actual work goes faster, and i am in a state of worship (that is, i am glorifying God with what He has given me, i am overwhelmed with His beauties). i need to change my attitude about my work, i am so fortunate that i have the job that i do.

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Jeanne LaMoore said...

This is really cool. Sounds like the challenge for you is to praise God even when things aren't going so well. Thanks for sharing your blog! (I read about it on FB.)