Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[New Years Eve, James Wagner]

[Shooting at the Mallory's,
Erin M., Kelli F., & Julie L.

there are some things i really need to get rolling here. i need to read more, i need to apply for school (again, let's hope the second round will be the real deal), and i need more work. i love my current job, in fact, i find my self overwhelmed with joy when i work some days. This is usually the case when i have theology on my mind, and the music in the room is just right, and God's beauty just blows my mind and i find myself beyond content.

i have been hesitant to get another job for a few reasons. i don't want another job like what all my past jobs have been like - i don't enjoy dealing with the general public, though you do run into a few people that are real jems and help you really appreciate what you do. No more sales for me, if i can at all avoid it. i can do the work very well, i can sell product, i can have the client walk away with a smile, but dealing with all the questions of people who are less than observant wears away at my mind.

So, that narrows my choice a bit... i'm also thinking i would really like to go to Sonshine this year, along with visiting my cousin up in Blackduck, so i need something flexible. i'm thinking i would be willing to give up doing Sonshine...

Photography was a thought, i did my first commission three weeks ago, and it was a wedding to top it.... a little backward on the scare of difficulty.

We'll see, something will show itself.

Along with this, i'm wondering about school - if i get in, do i go right away this fall semester, or do i wait until winter? Or should i wait a year all together? Then there is the conflict of wanting to get on with life and not waiting. i should be enjoying this process, not hurrying through it, trying to get to the next point of interest.


Kelli said...

I think it is okay to look forward to the next step, I think it only becomes wearisome when we look to these future steps in more anticipation than heaven. This is what I have been thinking of lately about not looking to the world that wastes away and looking toward heavenly things. :)

I think you are a good photographer. You should post some of the wedding pictures!

Kelli said...

oh and this made me laugh, i could only see james hair so i thought that was tom cruise for a second hahaa..

Dan D. said...
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Dan D. said...

Thanks... i came back with 5 DVD's of photos, so i have been less than eager to fish through all that i took, along with my uncle and cousins work.

Melissa posted 3 separate albums on FB.