Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I thought I hadn't processed these photos - turns out I did, and that they've been sitting since mid-September. Well, here they are - photo's from early July of a visit to Steven's Point with some good friends.

I meant to post a warning to people following on Google Buzz - seems I missed that by a long shot. It's been a busy year, and, again, my photography has taken the back seat. I have started doing in-house colour film development, though I don't have a scanner to share my work.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I was unfortunately busy this year, and photography took the back seat. Towards the end of summer I started getting back into the swing of things. Here is an image from a party in June and two from the 4th of July.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My cousins wedding reception was yesterday, and the first photo shoot I've done this year. Nothing official about what I was doing, though.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My final B&W Photography project

I've been holding back this post since December - everything had been scanned, but I wasn't content with the quality. I've rescanned them, and still feel that the quality isn't what it could be. It's enough to get the prints the way you want them in the darkroom, but then to have software try to *correct* those prints is quite frustrating.

Some notes on the images:

1. This image was chosen by the instructor for the college art show. I didn't/won't attend because, well, it's a photo of a ceiling.

2. This image had some fun burning to get the ceiling in.

8. This was by far the most difficult print of not only this set, but any print I've done. It was such a dark image, and I couldn't convince myself that it should be that way. I have 20-30 prints of this image sitting in a folder that were too light, The details were difficult to get out while keeping it dark. The instructor seemed happy with it, telling my peers that it may look dark, but that it's exactly the way it should look.

This set of images was to represent something that was significant to me, if it isn't obvious, libraries. I shot once at the Eden Prairie Public Library (1,7), and twice at the university library with Caroline and Heather. I am very thankful for their willingness to work with me. Shooting with them was a blast - they, if anything else, helped me shoot with more variation than I might normally (4). I regret that our first shoot didn't turn out because of an accident in the darkroom, but was very fortunate that both models were able to work with me again for a second shoot. I am very grateful to them both.

I enjoyed the course, to sum up the semester. The instructor was good humored and tasteful in his work. He suggested that we continue onto another course in film that would be almost the same - so I did.

B&W Photo II was drastically different in what content we were to produce, trying to convey emotion rather than solely composition. I find that I'm not attracted to modern art, so this was a large turn off. I tried pushing through the course despite my better judgement. I ended up dropping 4 weeks in because I couldn't for the life of me think of how to convey "regret." I've told this to people, and it's always been rationalized that it was an easy assignment and that *they* would have enjoyed it. I enjoyed the techniques we were learning in the darkroom, for framing, different papers and film formats. The content, however, was on my mind night and day. I simply don't express emotion in this manner - and I've never felt a need or desire to be a social vigilante with my work. Photography for me is trying to capture beauty. The world has so many harsh truths and ugly facts, stepping away from that in a captured moment is something I try to do.

We were also to present a small number of photos that represented our work. I found this be be an enormous undertaking. How does one simply present hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of work with one or two photos? I flipped between about ten images that I knew for sure, but wanted to include others. As I narrowed them down, I became increasingly critical of what I had chosen to represent myself to the point that I hated it all. When it came time to present to my peers, no one else used colour, or even digital for that matter. I felt silly presenting the images, and trying to explain what it was that I did with my work. I didn't hear much of what was said, aside from my own words being echoed back to me "you've captured a moment in time, something that will never happen again." I sat down, humiliated - not primarily because of what they may have said, but because of my frustration with my own work. In a nutshell, there was a rift in my view of the philosophy of art with what was being taught in that class. I really haven't done much since December with a camera. When spring rolls around and it warms up a bit, I hope to change that to some measure, though.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Summer 2010

I was thinking about my first day in my Micro Econ class. I had my B&W Photo class before the day before. It happened that the econ class was in the same room. I found it odd that it was in the art dept. I waited with the rest of the students and entered with everyone once the auto lock disengaged. Upon entering students picked up the syllabus off a table before seating themselves. I expressed dismay and confusion when I saw the sheet they were collecting, this was Econ, this syllabus wasn't for our Photography class. And then I was told I was probably in the wrong room. I was. I wrote the same classroom number for two classes when writing out my schedule. I ran to find what room I was supposed to be in. Upon walking into a full lecture room, late, the Professor asked for my name. The class turned to me as I confidently, yet almost inattentively answered in full. Not bad for first impressions, right?

When I remembered this, it seemed almost years ago. But it was only a few months ago, the beginning of my second (*successful*) semester in college

The summer before Fall semester was absolutely fantastic.

Hanging with good friends, like Cody.

Hentge's Wedding

My little sister's Prom

Julie's return from California

My mother's graduation from college

C'n'C's summer kickoff

Summer...just being summer

Day's on the lake

Nights on the lake

Nights next to the lake

Bonfires at Ashton's

Hanging with my fantastic cousin, Gennifer.

Camping with amazing extended family for a weekend

Forth of July

...and so much more. What a blessing it all was - God is good.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hope you enjoyed celebrating Christ's birth this season.

Here's to a new year!

Röyksopp - ....And the Forest Began to Sing