Saturday, January 15, 2011

Summer 2010

I was thinking about my first day in my Micro Econ class. I had my B&W Photo class before the day before. It happened that the econ class was in the same room. I found it odd that it was in the art dept. I waited with the rest of the students and entered with everyone once the auto lock disengaged. Upon entering students picked up the syllabus off a table before seating themselves. I expressed dismay and confusion when I saw the sheet they were collecting, this was Econ, this syllabus wasn't for our Photography class. And then I was told I was probably in the wrong room. I was. I wrote the same classroom number for two classes when writing out my schedule. I ran to find what room I was supposed to be in. Upon walking into a full lecture room, late, the Professor asked for my name. The class turned to me as I confidently, yet almost inattentively answered in full. Not bad for first impressions, right?

When I remembered this, it seemed almost years ago. But it was only a few months ago, the beginning of my second (*successful*) semester in college

The summer before Fall semester was absolutely fantastic.

Hanging with good friends, like Cody.

Hentge's Wedding

My little sister's Prom

Julie's return from California

My mother's graduation from college

C'n'C's summer kickoff

Summer...just being summer

Day's on the lake

Nights on the lake

Nights next to the lake

Bonfires at Ashton's

Hanging with my fantastic cousin, Gennifer.

Camping with amazing extended family for a weekend

Forth of July

...and so much more. What a blessing it all was - God is good.

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