Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beards Essay

"Ho, ho, ho," is an expression often attributed with Santa Claus. Along with this minor, yet distinct attribute come many others, such as his red and white suit, Reindeer and most importantly his beard. Santa's beard says a lot about him, and the same positive attributes could be tagged on those that took the time to grow a beard out like him. Men should grow their beards out, it will give them a good first impression in all situations. There are many benefits for themselves and others.

First, there are many reasons beards would benefit men. For example, beards make men respectable. beards have "I know what I'm talking about," written all over them. Also, they make men appear wise. Beards take some time to grow, and one can be sure that someone with a beard has seen a thing or two. Another benefit is the time one can save. Beards require no time for shaving. Although some will say that beards do not look good, all those that men really care about will think otherwise. In addition, a beard keeps men fashionable, and if not fashionable, bold. And, men will never have an excuse for boredom, they can style their beards to meet the times expectations. Along with all its other practical uses, a beard can help men keep warm. This allows men to avoid the use of scarfs in winter time. Also, A beard helps men keep clean. When food doesn't quite make it into the mouth, food ends up on the beard, and not clothes. Even though some may find it repulsive, it is of great value to store snacks in a beard. Another great perk of beards is there affect on women. They can either keep women around or attract new women. Additionally, many men with beards may be mistaken with Santa. This allows men to find an additional job during the holidays that otherwise wouldn't be open to them. Although some will frown upon a mans beard scaring young kids, this can prove to be very entertaining.

In addition, beards also benefit those without. For example, beards can be donated when a man tires of it. This will give someone else the ability to have hair for themselves. Also, having a beard will create less work for others. With shaving in public bathrooms being a thing of the past, janitors and neat-freaks will be kept happy alike. Additionally, there is confusion between men with beards and Santa. Along with the extra money saved from not buying shaving accessories, many kids end up with more gifts than they would otherwise.

As can be seen, beards benefit both the men with the beards and those without. Men will be able to be confused with Santa and be able to reap the benefits of association with someone elses positive attributes. This helps fight the already judgmental society we live in.

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Bobby and Danielle Harnist said...

you make an interesting point. Perhaps I shall grow mine back.