Friday, December 18, 2009

My first storm chase.
June 10,2008


Jessi said...

hi there my name is Jessi and I think your pictures are way rad. i just purchased a Nikon D90 and am trying to get a couple things figured out, think you can help me? Like what shutter speed and aperture settings did you have your camera on when you took the pictures of the lighting in "My first storm chase." And also the settings for the last pic. in the series when the lights are dancing, (love it!) Anyway thanks for your time, keep up the great work! =D Jess

Dan D. said...

Thanks, Jessi! I used a few different settings across these photos, and have since tried getting similar shots - it's definitely not a "one size fits all," so any settings I may have used will probably not work for you, or even myself. It's really dependent on your environment. Try shooting at some longer shutter speeds, say 10 seconds (give or take some), ISO 400-1600+, f/7-14.

Good luck!