Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deeper Life Bible Camp :: Trip To

Jason S., my cousin

Jessica J., Jason's friend who drove us

A new "technique," if you will. Hanging my camera out of a car window while going 65mph+

(Waiting at Gas station for "escourt")

(Driving the last leg of the journey to Blackduck)

(Off to the Lost Forty, the next day)

Sara and Noah

Dean, the speaker for the weekend.

(Chilling at camp)

i stumbled across this shot, and i had to have it - but my battery didn't want it so much.


Huge pairs of womans underwear.

Sudden storm coming in


Flann C.

Pig pile on the sidelines, along the same lines also where Melissa borked my finger.

(4 Square)

Elliot W.


Here one of three flares is fired at the gasoline drenched wood pile.

Lighting a diaper from an ealier game to ignite the fire

More gas...

putting out grass fire with water guns

T.J. on left

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