Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Sunday night i had a very pleasant dream. It seems that most of my dreams are terrifying, i am usually presented with a reason to be filled with terror, to flee, to wake with my heart racing. This dream, however, is the sort that makes one want to stay in rest, to not wake to the harsh realities that really are. i only wish that i had woken to record what all the dream entailed. There was a party, and i accompanied good friends. Ce Ånn Bright: intelligent, charming & an adorable young woman who i respect a great deal was on her way to join us, but was unable to find her way. We departed to find her, and guide her back to where we would continue. A journey ensued.

Lastnight, i had another. i went to prom* with Ånn. Not with Melissa as i had planned, or friends of Schrödinger, but with Ånn. We both had a wonderful time, running through the parking lot in the cold, playfully pushing eachother along as we hurried. Snow glistening down peacefully in the moon-lit lot as a handful of insightful conversation was had**. Again, i wish that i had woken to record what transpired; the words said. A shame i hadn't. But who would wake to record such things when hopeful to fall back asleep and dialoge once more. Content; desire.

i would love stay with Ånn, to not wake. It is so very pleasant with her.

*if only it were something a little classier than prom.
*that i can't even remember a subject of.

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